Wood lid

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Wooden lid for preserving your wok



A cedar lid elevates your experience of cooking with your wok and lets you realize that stir frying is not the only use case for your wok. You can use your wok with your lid to cook whole fish, tofu or cauliflower slowly. Start the dish with a quick shallow fry in hot oil and aromatics such as ginger and scallion. Add sauces and/or stock, and finish with the lid on for a slower steam or braise to allow your food to soften, cook through and absorb the blend of flavors.

The cedar lid absorbs moisture. When using a metal pot, the lid collects condensation which drips everywhere when you move it off the pot. This is no longer an issue with cedar, allowing you to peek at your food during the cooking process without making a mess each time.

We chose cedar for two reasons. First, cedar is durable. It doesn’t shrink, swell, warp or decay as it interacts with moisture or heat, making it the perfect kind of wood for cookware.

Second, the naturally occurring oils in cedar smell incredible. As you steam bao, buns, dumplings, vegetables or any other food, the steam will release a beautiful smell as it interacts with the cedar.

    No. 32 Diameter: 12 ⅞” (32cm)
    No. 34 Diameter: 13 ½” (34 cm)
    No. 36 Diameter: 14 ⅜” (36 cm)