Hand Hammered Woks

Timeless construction for greater control

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The slight indentations left by the hammering pattern allow you to push cooked food to the sides of the pan, while adding ingredients to the center without them slipping.

J. Kenji López-Alt on Woks - Serious Eats

In search of the perfect wok

We come from a long line of fine cooks, who have used their skills to nourish the hearts and spirits of their families. We have created this luxurious family heirloom to be passed down through generations of our family's most prestigious members.

Handcrafted in China by master artisans with hundreds of years of experience, our woks feature a hand-hammered design. The hammering process is extremely time consuming – up to two weeks to make just one wok – but it results in a more durable, beautiful, and functional product. With a thick bottom and tapered walls, our woks evenly distribute heat during cooking and naturally retain that heat for hours after being taken off the stove. each and every wok is a marvelous blend of form and function.