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Elegant cedar steamer for  vegetables, dumplings or any other food you would like to steam.

Anything that is boiled would be better steamed because it preserves more of the nutrients and is more delicious! Once you find the perfect steamer, you will always steam vegetables, seafood, dumplings, bao, etc. from now on.

To use the steamer, place it in your wok and fill the wok with water up to right above the point where the bottom of the steamer meets the wok. This will keep the part of the steamer that touches the wok at or below 212 degrees fahrenheit. We also recommend lining the bottom of the steamer baskets with cabbage leaves or a damp paper towel to prevent the food from sticking and allow for easy cleaning.

Make sure to lightly season your wok after using your steamer (see Hao Wok Tips for detailed instructions). Boiling water in the wok can, if done a lot, degrade the seasoning.

We chose cedar for two reasons. First, cedar is durable. It doesn’t shrink, swell, warp or decay as it interacts with moisture or heat, making it the perfect kind of wood for steaming.

Second, the naturally occurring oils in cedar smell incredible. As you steam bao, buns, dumplings, vegetables or any other food, the steam will release a beautiful smell as it interacts with the cedar.

    Diameter: 11.75”
    Total Height: 8.5”