Clay pot

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This elegant clay pot is a kitchen staple for quick one-pot dinners and intricate feasts alike.

Clay pots are the original pots. Before fancy french pots or cheap aluminum pots, there were clay pots. They are the best for making a quick one-pot dinner for 2-3 people. In addition to using your pots like you would any other pot, you can use it for some of our tried and tested family favorites.

First, clay pots are perfect for the kind of savory stew that sticks to your bones on cold days. We like stewing beef with daikon or braised tofu with seafood, but the possibilities for tasty claypot stew served with steamed jasmine rice are endless.

Second, clay pot rice. Fill the pot with raw rice and water, add some chinese sausage and yu choy and heat on low. Top off with scallions, a dash of sesame oil, and boom, a delicious and simple dinner.

On top of all that, the versatile claypots can be used to make soups, broth, plain rice, or congee for two.

Clay AKA earthenware. It has no enamel, no glaze or coating of any kind. Just clay, fired low and slow, to create a lightweight traditional claypot with beautiful natural variation. Note that given the makeup of the pot, it cannot withstand sudden temperature changes.

    Diameter: 8”
    Height: 3”
    Volume: 45 fluid ounces (1 ⅓ liters)
    Weight: 1lb 14oz