Tip #2 - Continuing Maintenance Do's and Don'ts

Your wok is durable! Before we get too deep into the maintenance, remember that the wok is made of steel. While it is great that people are fussing over their woks, make sure that maintenance doesn't get in the way of enjoying the wok.


Using the wok regularly is the best maintenance program. The best way to take care of your wok is to use it regularly. “Seasoning” a wok just means getting it really hot and covering it in oil which is what happens when you use the wok. If we ever look at our wok and feel it needs a little love, we’ll stir fry a simple green vegetable in oil.

Wipe your wok clean after use. After a simple stir fry, a quick rinse and a wipe down with a paper towel is all you need. No soap or scrubbing.  Heating the wok a bit to eliminate any and all moisture helps too (just make sure to turn the stove off…).

If you have finished cooking a particularly saucy stir fry, bring your wok over to the sink, scrub it gently with warm water and a sponge removing any food particles that stick to the surface. Dry the wok by heating it on the stove, then turn the heat off and rub down the interior with some neutral oil. Your wok is now ready to hang out until your next meal.


Don't leave a wet wok sitting around. This is rule #1. The carbon steel prevents stuff from sticking to wok when seasoned. However, since the steel is not stainless (rust proof), if you leave it sitting around with water in it or you leave it in a moist environment it will rust.

Don’t put it in the dishwasher! Dishwashers are amazingly convenient. And they are hands down the most efficient way to destroy your wok.